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There are many names for the same types of finishes that material suppliers use to describe their finishes. We can provide almost any finish on almost any material. Not all finishes can be applied to all materials. Each material & color can react differently to the finish applied.

Natural Stone Travertine

Natural stone.

Natural Finishes Onyx
Natural Stone Granite
Natural Stone Marble
Natural Stone Soapstone
Finishes River Washed
Finishes Polished
Fineshes Honed

Material products.

Finishes Leathered

In-stock options. We also offer many variation of sinks including custom fabrication.


Our offerings.

Edge profiles - standard.

Material finishes.


This is the most common finish. It provides a high gloss look.


Honed can also be referred to as a matte finish. It is smooth to the touch, but gives a soft satin feel to it. There is more maintenance with this finish because it is more porous.


Leathered finish leaves a soft shine which is less then polished and includes a textured finish. A small dimple like texture is given to this finish through the use of diamond tipped brushes.


Caressed finish creates slightly bigger dimples then a leathered finish and adds a bit of shine to it by polishing the raised areas of the stone.

River washed.

Riverwashed finish provides the biggest dimples in the stone while polishing the high points to create a "riverwashed" look to the stone.

“Natural Stone” refers to many types of stone quarried from the earth. The types of stone include names such as Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, Onyx, Travertine, & others. Natural stone products can vary from piece to piece which gives it that one of a kind look.  

Engineered stone.

Engineered Stone is another term for Quartz. It is a manufactured product unlike natural stone that is quarried from the earth. Quartz is 90% quartz powder bound together with resigns & colored with dyes. Each manufacturer has its own colors they develop, but the process is the same. Engineered Stone is spill resistance, has a uniform look, & is easy to maintain.

Ultra compact.

Ultra Compact Surfaces are an up and coming material used in the same projects you would use Quartz or Granite. They include some of the same raw materials used in quartz, glass, & porcelain countertops, but the process they are made is different. The raw materials are heated & put under extreme temperature in a process called Sintering. The surfaces are virtually heat proof, safe for outdoors, very scratch resistant, & have low later absorption.







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1/4 bevel

1.4 Bevel
1.4 Round

1/4 round

Demi Bullnose

Demi bullnose

Eased Laminated.All Standard Edges Available

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Full Bullnose

Full bullnose

Half Bullnose

Half bullnose

Miter Edge

Miter edge





Fineshes Carressed
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Natural Stone Quartzite


Porcelain material are in close relation to Ultra Compact Surfaces. The difference lies in the raw materials & how they are made. Porcelain is made by combining raw materials, applying intense heat, & a pigmented glaze to create its aesthetics. Porcelain has high heat endurance, low water absorption, & easy maintenance.

Edge profiles - upgraded.

Stainless steel

Stock Stainless Steel 40.60 Sink
Stock Stainless Steel 60.40 Sink
Stock Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink
Stock Stainless Steel Bar Sink
Stock Stainless Steel Equal Double Sink


Stock Porcelain Medium Bowl
Stock Porcelain Small Bowl
Stock Porcelain Rectangle Sink


Quartz Composite Equal Double Black Sink
Quartz Composite Equal Double Grey Sink

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